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Mícheál Nagle Social Media Summit Ireland

Who is Michael Nagle?

Mícheál has played a key part in Paddy Power becoming one of the leading social brands in the UK & Ireland in the seven years he’s been there. Having started out as one man team managing Paddy Power’s social channels, he has helped define Paddy Power’s social tone of voice and set out their social media strategy. Today Paddy Power has a social footprint of 2.5m and drive massive engagement, generating 1.8m interactions on Facebook and Twitter in January this year. As the current Head of Social and Digital Content he manages a ten-person team who create content for social as well as for the Paddy Power Blog, CRM and also advertorial content. Any major marketing campaign that you associate Paddy Power with over the last number of years probably has had Mícheál’s fingers on it! Mícheál will be talking all things Marketing and Mischief at this year’s Social Media Summit.

What is your background?

I’m working for Paddy Power for almost seven years now. I went back to college to do an MBs in International Entrepreneurship in UL about 8/9 years ago and when I completed the course the Celtic Tiger was no longer purring! After a few months I got a job in Paddy Power as a graduate sportsbook exec, and started doing a bit of social media work when Facebook and Twitter were only really starting to take off. Soon I moved into social media full-time and began to grow a team around me, helping Paddy Power to become one of the leading social brands in the UK and Ireland which we are today.

Is it a logical progression to what you do now?

Yeah I suppose I’ve got a bit of mixed background which lends itself well to what I do now. I’ve got a degree in English which helps with copywriting, a Masters in business which helps with social strategic planning/marketing, and I’m a sports nut who has a mischievous glint in his eye, so perfect for the role in Paddy Power really!

Paddy Power Snapchat Geofilter St Patricks Day 2017

1 min pitch for what you do now?

I’m the Head of Social and Digital Content for the Paddy Power brand in Paddy Power Betfair. As such I’m in charge of two separate teams. Firstly, the digital content team who write all the content for the Paddy Power Blog as well as other bits like CRM, affiliates and for advertorial deals we have with publications like The Star and the Secondly, the social media team who create all our content across our suite of social platforms. That team creates all the content you’ll see on a daily basis which goes out to our 1.6m fans on Facebook, 622k followers on Twitter, 90k fans on Instagram and our growing Snapchat audience daily. These two teams are part of the wider Paddy Power Brand Engagement team which leads in the creation for key Paddy Power marketing campaigns. Any big stunts you’ll have seen Paddy Power do over the last seven years will have had my involvement at one stage or the other!

What will you be talking about at Social Media Summit?

I’ll be talking about mischief and marketing and in particular how Paddy Power sprinkles a little bit of mischief into everything we do on social. I’ll talk people through a few case studies and areas we’re focussing on in 2017.

What are your plans for 2017? 

Our three big focus areas for 2017 are Video, Snapchat and Facebook. All for different reasons as you’ll hear about at the Summit!

How was 2016, what worked well, what didn’t move as quickly as you would have liked?

Yeah 2016 was a really strong year for us. We had 21m Interactions on Twitter and Facebook over the course of the year. We also had 114m views of in-house created video content, which was a major step forward for us. One thing that we probably have not yet nailed is Facebook Live. I’m not sure anyone has nailed it to be honest, but it’s something we’re hoping to further experiment with in 2017.

How can people find out more about what you are working on? 

Very easily, just follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and add us on Snapchat. Our Snapchat username is ‘thepaddypower’.

Anything else you’d like to add?

That’s all from me. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Social Media Summit, please say hello!

Social Media Plan 2017

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