Tinder – Decide if you want to swipe left or right based on the profile pictures and some common interests, mainly the profile pictures. Well this is not Tinder, this is a new dating app on the scene called ‘Talk or Not” which is based out of Seattle.

The app was released into testing last month and the aim is to build connections with other users on the service, without seeing their photo at the start of the conversation. As you communicate together, the user photo will be revealed piece by piece.

The app is being developed by Britney Bachmann and Garrett Shawstad who have been dating for three years and decided to build the service together in order to help others build mutual connections but not based on the profile photos you see and judge like on other dating app services.

There is no doubt that online dating is now a big market, people are turing to online dating sites and apps more now than ever before and it is not uncommon to meet your next partner online.

“We’ve tried our hand at online and mobile dating and it’s an odd thing to put yourself out there for the world to see,” said Garrett Shawstad co-founder and CEO of Talk or Not, Inc. “Anyone who has a couple of minutes and the ability to search can come across you and your information, but with Talk or Not everything is private and no one knows who the other is.”

Users decide to talk or not based on personal text conversation and interactions, the app uses GPS to locate people who may be near to you and photos are hidden by silhouettes which are slowly unveiled over the course of the conversation.

If a user decides to talk to another user, a message will be sent. If the person on the other end replies, a foundation is made and every message back and forth after that will unlock one square of many that cover and hide each other’s newly uploaded profile photo.

 If two users are messaging back and forth and a user decides to stop talking based on perhaps; foul language, or vagueness, no further blocks will be removed. This will allow the user deciding not to talk the security and peace of mind in not letting the other user know who they actually are based on appearance.

With dating apps on the rise, is this the kind of service we have been waiting for? One which actually forces you to talk to people and leaves no room to judge others. Going to be awkward when you have made all that conversation and you judge the person anyway when their photo is revealed.

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