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As Web Summit 4 fades away, and tickets already go on sale for the 2015 edition, we figured it made sense to actually find out how the 2014 went for some of the participants. In an occasional series we will bring you some of the thoughts and opinions of those who were in the trenches for #Websummitt2014

First up is Barqo   @Barqoclub  from Holland

How did the Summit go for you?

Summit went really well for us. Because we prepared ourselves by digging into the attendees we arranged cool and productive appointments with Angels and other companies which we possibly could collaborate with.


Did it match your expectations?

Yes it did. Before we went, we had different chats with other Dutch startups who attended last year. They all advised us to prepare properly and enjoy the ride! If you don’t prepare you’re kind of wandering around between loads of other start-ups. So we set up some meetings and definitely enjoyed. Two points of feedback for next year: The organization should arrange more tables at food summit and it was a little embarrassing that the biggest internet congress in the world had barely internet:)

If you were to do it differently what would you have done?

We would have arranged some cool merchandise. We noticed that was really effective for other start-ups. On our exhibition day we had flyers, a movie of our product, a couple of discount vouchers and a few captain hats.


Did you get any useful feedback from people here?

Yes we definitely had some useful feedback. It is typical Dutch to set quickly boundaries for yourself. Israeli-an and American Angels gave us great insight on how to think way bigger and how to get there.

Will you be changing or pivoting your project based on what happened at the summit?

No we won’t. Although we are going to move faster with our plans of expanding.

How did you find Dublin?

We’ve all been here before. A good friend of us works for Google so he invited us a couple of times before ( Best visit St. Paddys!) Personally I think Dublin is an excellent place to enjoy a good stay and do business. All the people our friendly, they welcome you with open arms and are always in for a good laugh! And this summit even the weather was good:)

Which had more use for you the day summit or the night one? why?

The day one. All the days where quite hectic with a lot of talking and cool meetings which provided enough adrenaline. The evening we used to relax, grab a couple of pints with the team at the reflect the day and talk through the plans for the next day

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