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Snapchat has announced that it is expanding its geofilter feature to all users, businesses and brands. Up to now, geofilters have been available to public places such as cities, colleges and neighbourhoods however now anyone can pay Snapchat to create their own custom geofilter.

Geofilters appear in snapchat when you swipe left on an image you have taken and you are in a valid location for the geofilter to appear. So if you are in a city such as New York on holiday, you will probably find some New York themed filters to apply to your snaps which you would not have access to outside of New York.

Now users will have the ability to create their own geofilters which could be a big move for marketers who may decide to create a geofilter to be used at an event. Or even if regular users just want to create a filter for an occasion such as a birthday party or wedding.

You can design the filter yourself, choose the area the filter will be available in and then submit it to Snapchat where it will be held for approval. After being approved it will then be available for Snapchat users who are in that location you have selected.

The minimum geofenced area you can select is 20,000 square feet and you can expand that selection up to a size of 5 million square feet. You can also choose a time period for the filter to be available which ranges from an hour up to 30 days.

Prices to create your own geofilter start at $5 and increase depending on the size of area you select and how long the filter will be available for.

Snapchat has created a dedicated website to submit geofilter designs and there is also a video from Snapchat showing off the new feature.


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