Written by Sujain Thomas

The marketing sphere is growing and adjusting to new changes continuously. So, both small and big scale companies need to stay updated with these changes! Even today, SMS marketing is one of the potent mediums inside the marketing mix. When used efficiently, you can leverage this form of marketing in all your marketing campaigns. So, have there been any changes in 2018 which you can incorporate in your SMS marketing strategy?

The answer is, yes there have been several changes. But to know the best five to which you can adapt your SMS marketing strategy, you have to read more.

  1. Increased types of content

In the past few years, there have been several companies have zeroed down on a specific content format. This format caters to their requirement. Also, the companies concentrate all their initiatives on offering rich content for their selected approach on a daily basis. This whole approach is changing! Today, customers instead expect companies that use almost all channels of content. It refers to selected graphic content form for all visual mediums like Pinterest and Instagram, video and media content for Facebook, blogs, and articles, inspiring YouTube videos and many more.

According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute, almost less than 50% of the organizations surveyed invested in the mobile marketing initiatives back in 2017. And this has resulted in two primary roles for SMS marketing n 2018. The first, SMS marketing is a direct medium for organization marketing. And secondly, this tool can be utilized to assist the marketing initiatives anywhere else online. It will enable the users to associate from an SMS directly to an app or a website.

  1. Few customers today prefer off-screen experience

Customers are starting to get increased experience via the computer screen, instead of using an app. For instance, today there’s been increased utilization of the (IoT) Internet of Things. Here the enabled devices can link and share data. You can count the maximized Alexa incorporation along with the physical objects that are visible elucidations.

However, offering an alternative experience to your user doesn’t mean it has to be something technically challenging and expensive. SMS marketing is a great tool. Also, despite happening in a mobile device, the customers interpret it as a different experience in comparison to the apps or online websites. To date considered as a highly personal and unique communication medium, SMS is also a ring-fenced aspect of mobile communication. Also, it can leverage the demand for other channels.

  1. Authenticity and transparency

Based on recent statistics, generally, trust is absent in the claims that most companies have in the marketing campaign. It can also be in a link to how ecologically concentrated they are as well as what assistance they provide for charitable reasons. One of the primary findings from the statistics was that of the trust aspect for companies and brands, more than 80% was from the direct suggestions by the people.

With regards to this, companies have a compelling requirement to invest in the right recommendation. Here SMS marketing comes in handy. Like several companies, if we have generated a reward plan to encourage organic traffic and footfall to the new store, associate the SMS marketing to the other entire contact list directly. You can do it in a few steps. Customers will find it very easy to directly share an SMS to one or many contacts in a few baby steps. Today the majority of people have their Smartphones to themselves. Hence, an SMS today connects to the customers to maintain goodwill.

  1. Strategy is essential

Content marketing is crucial for a new age organization. However, as per the research by CMI, today there is a serious absence of a consistent, coherent strategy inside the organizations. And this is one aspect that should get addressed this year. It also comprises of SMS marketing. Only a properly defined and documented strategy will help you attain the outcome that you want to.

Furthermore, a properly documented strategy also refers to the fact that the SMS marketing is also transferable – regardless of whether you are substituting the members or growing the team. If you don’t have a documented and set strategy, you run the chance of not attaining the desired outcome for your bond.

  1. The consumer journey

The consumer journey always has been an essential step for maintaining the customer-to-brand association. Today, you need to be more focused on nurturing the consumer journey. It is essentially creating a two-way bond at each stage. It is not apt to place all the initiatives for conversion and abandon the user altogether. And neither does the customer expect to get understood by a sales manager right at the initial encounter. The new age customer bond has a process that gets divided into levels of consideration, awareness and decision. Just in case at a late stage, a customer might convert. And they might be all set to commit to investing in your service and product.

Also, there’s the awareness stage which is all about the consumer developing familiarity and understanding of the brand, what it stands for and the like. The second stage is all about getting familiarized about your service or product. It is only in the last step that the user will usually start to provide serious thought to the costing.

Today quantifiable, realistic, attainable and timely objectives get entirely well synced to the SMS marketing. It can be a productive starting point for the ones that are not aware of strategy development. Also, you need to make sure that all the teams in your business can contribute to the overall strategy right at the beginning. It will guarantee that there’s ample coherence all through the initiatives taken for your success.

These are some of the popular SMS marketing trends that are prevalent in 2018. So, if you as a company or a start-up have been thinking of making use of SMS as a marketing tool, then keep these five points handy. It will help you to plan a strategy better that will provide the desired results.

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