-Ireland’s entry to Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop Competition-

Dublin, July 18th 2018: SMBC Aviation Capital, the leading aircraft leasing company announces its sponsorship of Éirloop, Ireland’s entry in Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. This competition has been dubbed the ‘Olympics of Engineering and Innovation’.

Éirloop is a cross-university, cross-disciplinary team of undergraduate students who are taking on the challenge of building a pod to run on the Hyperloop test track at SpaceX’s headquarters in California. They are taking on teams from around the world with enormous budgets, big name industrial backers, made up of PhD students who have competed several times before with highly developed pods.

Over 700 teams applied to compete in this year’s competition. Éirloop is one of just six European entries which was accepted, with only 20 entries in total. Éirloop are one of only a small number of first time entrants in 2018. An almost impossible achievement for a team of young students on a limited budget.

The competition starts on 22nd July and SMBC Aviation Capital is proudly supporting Éirloop’s bid to win this prestigious event.

Commenting on the initiative, Nick Hazeldine, Head of Innovation at SMBC Aviation Capital said, “We are delighted to sponsor Éirloop, an initiative which has the potential to revolutionise travel between cities around the world and puts the engineering skills of Ireland’s brightest students on a global stage.  We wish the very best of luck to this inspirational team of students in their first attempt at competing on SpaceX’s Hyperloop test track.”

Akhil Voorakkara, Head of Electronics at Éirloop said, “We are truly excited about our participation in this competition which has been made possible by a team of like-minded innovators from across Ireland’s universities.  We are grateful to our sponsors for their support and encouragement along the way, without which we would not be able to compete and represent Ireland at SpaceX. This is typified by SMBC Aviation Capital coming on board in June to provide the financial backing we needed to get Éirloop to California.”

For more information on Éirloop, please visit www.Éirloop.ie. To follow Éirloop on Twitter follow:@Team_Éirloop

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