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With the launch of the Apple Watch, smartwatches in general are now becoming more and more mainstream and while the title of this article started out as “Apple Watch Etiquette” the fact of the matter is that the same rules should apply to all smart watches no matter which brand you are wearing.

I have read multiple articles talking about smart watch etiquette and while I don’t agree with them all, for example one of them said that you should refrain from wearing short sleeves all the time so as not to be a show off (errr…what?), I do agree that there are some basics that we should all be following.

1. When in the presence of others, don’t look at it

Treat your smartwatch as you would do your phone. You wouldn’t whip out your phone in the middle of a meeting or an important interview. You wouldn’t take your phone out on a romantic date and in the same way you should refrain from glancing at your watch in circumstances such as this.

We have now the convenience of a device which can carry a bunch of functionality on our wrists however that does not mean you need to forsake basic manners. As well as that, it is a sign of boredom to be constantly glancing at your watch regardless of whether it is a traditional piece or a smartwatch device.

You may think you are being discrete about it…but you are not being discrete, not in the slightest.

2. Use silent mode

These things do have a silent mode you know and much in the same way that there are certain circumstances you need to have your phone set to silent, the same applies to your smartwatch. For instance, imagine entering an interview and you have remembered to set your phone to silent but then your watch starts going nuts with notifications (not good is it?)

Incidentally if this does happen make sure to apologise in the same way you would if your phone went off, switch it to silent and continue.

3. Voice command are great, some of the time

There are also certain situations where voice commands are simply not appropriate. No, no we don’t want to hear you talking to Siri in public crowded areas. Keep in mind what you may be saying to Siri as well in a public space, keep your contacts details and their lives private as you never know who may be listening.

4. Do not use it when driving

Just because it is on your wrist now it does not mean that you will be any less distracted using it when driving than you would be using your phone when driving. It may be tempting at the start as a quick flick of the wrist is all that is required to activate the display but if you do that you are putting other road users in danger.

Re/Code’s Lauren Goode has shared a pretty nice little video covering her tips when using the Apple Watch and of course these etiquette rules apply to all smartwatches.


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