Retailers across Ireland are being invited to find out how they can leverage technology, Artificial Intelligence and analytics to evolve their businesses and offer a more personalised customer experience.   

Technology trends within the digital retail sector will be the focus of SMART NI’s “SMART Retail” Conference, coming to Belfast on September 20th, 2018.

The annual event, which forms part of the SMART NI event series, will bring together retail industry experts from across Ireland to discuss technology and marketing trends shaping 2018.

The UK’s digital sector is the fastest growing of any other sector witnessing a dramatic shift towards customer online buying experience. 

These findings were published in The Tech Nation Report, 2018, which stated that the UK’s digital tech sector continues to accelerate faster than the rest of the economy, growing at 2.6 times faster, and jobs growing at five times the rate, compared to the rest of the UK economy.

In order to meet the demands of this industry, SMART NI is bringing its “SMART Retail” event to Belfast on 20th September 2018 to educate retailers on AI, understanding shopper online search habits and how to adopt multi-layered, personalised marketing through chatbots, AR and VR.

SMART Retail will explore how to evolve your business through the Internet of Things and present solutions to enhance retail performance.  Key themes include Artifical Intelligence, POS, E-commerce and customer service in retail environments.  We will explore how retailers can utilise data on customers to enhance personalisation.

Top tips to create the perfect in-store experience

We acknowledge that not all changes will be made online.  An expert discussion will address the impact of sales growth post-Brexit and how a physical store and its team could be the next to change, thanks to AI technology.

Our SMART Retail Conference aims to equip retailers with the knowledge and networks to ensure they capitalise on the growing digital trend that is sweeping the UK.

While there is a lot of work for retailers trying to keep up with Amazon, there is massive potential for them to embrace technology, AI implementation, data, analytics in guaranteeing a personalised customer retail experience.

It is our mission to futureproof our retailers’ futures to ensure store closures and insolvencies and no longer dominating news headlines.

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