By @SimonCocking [email protected] are hosting a future focused event on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how Ireland can capitalise on its potential in the coming years.

The panel will discuss the future of the IoT sector in Ireland, how Ireland can protect against falling victim to the evolving hype cycle, and maximise its position in the global market. The panel will further discuss what are our strengths and weaknesses from a research, technology, market and commercialisation perspective in IoT.


Denis Canty said “It will be an interactive panel with leading experts in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, hosted expertly by Simon Cocking, Senior Editor at Irish Tech News” .

With perspectives from sensors, data science, network, security and commercialisation, emerging trends in how these pillars of IoT will join to bring out new markets will be discussed. The panel will ensure you depart with a holistic statement on the current footprint of the industry in Ireland, and how your company can capitalise on same.

Ronan Murphy, Chairman of [email protected] and CEO of Smarttech “every country including Ireland, needs to know for any IoT solution a number of ingredients are needed –data management and security, sensor design, cloud and analytics services and more. However the biggest challenge is the commercialisation and bring to market strategy that companies need. The Internet of Things introduces new markets and customer relationship models, and we need to be ahead of the curve.”

The panel consists of Mike Cronin, Leader – Ireland Innovation Group @ Johnson Controls, Brian Jordan – IoT and Data Centre Sales Consultant  @ Cisco, Dr Niamh O’Mahony – Senior Research Scientist @Dell EMC, John Savage – Technical Director and Founder @ Action Point and Eoin Carroll – Software Security Architect @ Intel Security.

To give a flavour of the evening, select panelists have given their perspectives on what they see as the main challenges and opportunities for the IoT sector in Ireland.

Mike Cronin, Leader – Ireland Innovation Group @ Johnson Controls

In my opinion more effort has been spent in the reservation of Intellectual Property within the IoT by organisations, particularly in networking, than facilitating and developing the IOT market: The world needs to know what’s in it for it in IoT!

There needs to be a strong commitment from the Government sector to lead in this area by providing strong incentives in all areas of the economy to add IOT and sensorisation to their industries, and to be open about the results. This includes the State making a strong investment in Internet/IOT security oversight, so that the public (and industry) can be assured that this, newer, deeper level of knowledge about them is being handled appropriately.

John Savage – Technical Director and Founder @ Action Point

IoT is a broad term that can support almost any conceivable “Smart-XYZ” solution so helping organisations to work out and deliver on a realistically achievable and sustainable business model is one of the main challenges for IoT sector.

There are certainly more opportunities than challenges in Ireland. Due to the significant diversity of skillsets required, IoT solutions simply can’t be delivered in isolation or by a single organisation. Ireland’s main opportunity is that we have a fantastic ecosystem of IOT related companies from multinationals in the hardware and infrastructure space to indigenous custom hardware and software companies. Action Point, as a highly experienced Irish based IoT Systems Integrator has embraced this close collaboration model which allows us to design and deliver end-to-end best in class IoT solutions.

Dr Niamh O’Mahony – Senior Research Scientist @Dell EMC

One of the biggest challenges is efficiently storing and analysing the vast quantities of data being generated, more and more of which is unstructured, in order to gain timely, meaningful and useful insights from that data. Also, protection of data and systems from the ever-advancing sophistication of cyber-attackers is a big challenge.

Ireland is positioned to serve the entire IoT sector, from the many SMEs producing the “things” – sensors and devices – to the storage and networking providers, a thriving cyber-security community, and everything in between. IoT testbeds, like Dell Technologies’ INFINITE global testbed in Cork, offer a great way for Irish and international companies to grow their IoT capabilities. Creating a strong, collaborative community to bring all of these capabilities together and offer cohesive solutions is a big opportunity for Ireland.

Brian Jordan – IoT and Data Centre Sales Consultant  @ Cisco

IOT is a great technology, alongside other technologies like mobility and analytics that can help companies of all sizes along their Digitisation journey. Successful Digitisation delivers cost value, experience value or a platform/community value as a result of introducing new  business models or changing existing business processes. The main challenge for the sector is recognising where those Digitisation opportunities are and to ensure they are first to market or risk getting disrupted by a new entrant or existing progressive competitors.

For most people, IOT is a generic term used to describe how to connect things to the Internet and monitor or control those things. This concept has existed for decades but the price drop and wide variety of sensors is enabling a lot more things to be connected. If a business merely thinks about connecting things, it is unlikely to yield much value. IOT is an enabling technology for Digitisation and transformation  of existing business processes and business models. The mind-set needs to change to the business process and not the technology in order to identify new opportunities.

Eoin Carroll – Software Security Architect @ Intel Security

Whilst the IoT sector presents considerable opportunity from a market perspective, we need to ensure that it is governed and secured correctly to protect its most valuable assets – the people. From a security standpoint,  the data protection guidelines to be watertight and educated to everyone involved. The devices and infrastructure need to be robust to cyber-attacks, and given how fast the connectivity will occur, we need to ensure the flexibility is also there for user.

There is huge opportunity for Ireland in the IoT sector. From a security perspective, we have a lot of the big players in security based here in Ireland, and a growing start-up community in security offerings. Ensuring that this strength is used to showcase Ireland as a place that has both the market, technology and security leadership will be crucial to success. 

The event will take place in Vertigo, County Hall in Cork on Thursday October 6th at 5.30pm.

For registration and further information on the speakers, see here

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