Written by Iffat Tafseer 

Today, we cannot think of business without technology. In past years, the digital technology has encompassed several changes in consumers’ behavior and businesses domain. It is now considered as key to raise productivity and to improve operational efficiency.

It is imperative to choose a right technology for your business, to implement it correctly as well as to upgrade it with time. If you marry these three steps successfully, then nothing could stop your business from the touching the sky.

In a nutshell, it’s a no secret that using digital tools for example online and e-commerce marketing method can be highly beneficial for small businesses. Unluckily, most of the companies don’t take the full advantage of this positive thing perhaps they are afraid that It would cost them heftily or any other reason.

Let us discover what 2018 has brought with the twist and turns for small businesses:

Artificial Intelligence

No doubt that artificial intelligence is a powerful thing. It has transformed our world as well as the concepts of doing tasks. Nowadays, we perceive AI is replacing humans from various fields, jobs, and places. You might also fear that one day this smart beast could replace you or your colleague.

Big companies like Amazon and UPS are using AI to make the most of their business. But there is nothing that says that Artificial intelligence tech is only for fortune 500 organizations with a considerable capital on hand. Verily, the small organization like you can also harness AI tech into your business to gain competitive advantage.

  • Artificial intelligence can help your sales team perform like a pro. If you have an E-commerce business like PennySaviour which usually comprise of the big sales team; AI tools like Jog, Chorus and Gong will analyze the sales pitch of the strongest salesperson and coach other salespeople to adopt the same tone.
  • AI also helps you build better ads. The AI tech “Lookalike Audiences” can provide you with the list of the best customers. This information includes customer email, Phone number, and address.
  • AI can also help you find product-market fit faster. Thanks to the tools like tools like Keatext and Monkeylearnt that enables you to get the real customer feedback.

Augmented Reality

AR brings the whole new world of possibilities for small businesses. It holds many applications and technology is becoming more feasible in every sense. Every enterprise share a common goal they want customers, and more precisely they urge to sell their products.

Many AR apps like WayFairWay and Google programs like Tango are not only beneficial for small businesses but also for the consumers. Augmented reality provides users with an advanced shopping experience. The consumer can browse the company’s inventory and use their smartphones to place those products in their homes virtually. Therefore, you can see that how you would look like wearing a new dress sitting at your house.

Today, we see how smartly the Snapchat and many apps are taking leverage of augmented reality. If you have a small salon, you can introduce virtual makeup at styling studio to attract customers. Briefly, when it comes to AR and small businesses, the possibilities are unlimited.

Mobile Payment System

Mobile Payment systems seem to invade all the other conventional methods. The recent study shows that out of hundred 70% of the people own mobile Phone. In 2018, the mobile payments systems are taking off we see most of the business introducing this handy payment method.

Mobile payment is a form of money transaction between two companies for goods or services. If you own a smart gadget, then you can easily employ this tech trend into your small business. With the increase of mobile banking apps, consumers are now efficiently conducting a financial transaction on the phone.


Iffat Tafseer is a computer system engineer. She works as a content writer at Perks logic for a site PennySaviour. She has many of her blogs published on divergent topics including Tech, lifestyle and traveling.

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