HSE to benefit from the e-health Ireland strategy by leveraging the SilverCloud digital platform, a global standard platform to access digital mental health services designed to support the self-management of people with bipolar disorder.

In any given year, one in four people experience a mental health issue (mainly depression and anxiety). Over 40,000 people in Ireland suffer from bipolar disorder. In response, the HSE has launched a digital mental health initiative to support patients to self-manage effectively. This follows on from significant work conducted by the HSE on The Lighthouse Projects and by building an electronic health record to support the treatment of people living with Bipolar disorder.

SilverCloud Health is a multi-award winning global health tech company; since launching in 2012 it has gone on to support 200 organisations and over 170,000 patients across its global customer base, delivering clinically effective programmes for depression and anxiety disorders treatment, and yielding results that are on par with similar face-to-face services.

Martin Curley, Chief Information Officer, HSE CO, eHealth Ireland said

“The Lighthouse Projects were launched with a specific focus to build an understanding of the benefits of an Electronic Health Record in the Irish healthcare system. The Bipolar Lighthouse Project in collaboration with Silvercloud fits very strongly with the focus on “Stay left, Shift left” strategy launched by eHealth Ireland this week. This strategy supports the Slaintecare strategy of shifting reactive care from hospitals to proactive and preventative care, enabling and supporting patients through the utilisation of digital applications. We are looking forward to building on the partnership we have with Silvercloud and making an impact on connected health through digital.”

Along with Rick Rossiter, Consultant and eHealth advocate adding

“Technological innovations can evolve and adapt endlessly to discover, educate, treat and help a person with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and to help manage and live productively in life. Technology will never be a stand alone solution but it will become one of the greatest tools in our toolbox that helps people in their mental health journeys.”

Digital health company SilverCloud Health, the leading provider of evidence-based online mental health and behavioral healthcare solutions, announced today that it has launched a partnership with the Health Service Executive to develop and implement a self-management tool for people living with bipolar disorder.

SilverCloud Chief Executive and Co-Founder Ken Cahill had this to say on the new partnership “As an Irish company with global reach it is great to see the SilverCloud platform implemented in Ireland for the first time with the Health Service Executive. With one in four Irish people suffering with mental health issues and conditions it is imperative that with innovative digital and alternative solutions we can make it accessible for all at an increased speed of delivery, timing. “With proven results, this partnership will continue to develop, delivering a faster, more effective service for mental health in Ireland.”

The initiative will consist of an online interactive program, providing information about bipolar and related-issues with tools to facilitate effective self-management. Furthermore, the use of the tools will be supported by the clinicians that are responsible for the care of these patients.


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