Last night Slack officially opened its new EMEA offices in Dublin, at One Park Place, overlooking the picturesque Iveagh Gardens, which will help them meet growing European demand with space for more than 100 additional employees focused on Customer Experience, Sales, and Business Operations. Slack’s new EMEA headquarters, where about 50 people work to help keep customers’ working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

Slack have also made two critical new executive hires in Dublin: Johann Butting as Head of Sales for EMEA, and Chiara Henderson, Head of Customer Experience for EMEA, who will be joining the team soon.

Designed by ODOS Architects, the new office space is based on the streets of the city where it sits. “Unlike major cities throughout the world Dublin’s format is not based on grids and blocks,” says architect David O’Shea. “Its streets meander and flow through the city, creating unique meeting points and venues, and for some reason it works, really well. We replicated that feel with curves throughout the office, including curvy walkways, and we’ve used a lot of plants to help bring in that outside feeling even more strongly.”

Slack is deeply grateful for the work of ODOS, IDA Ireland, Colliers, and Turner and Townsend for helping bringing their new Irish home to life, which will help them do even more for customers around the world. Slack’s Stewart Butterfield, Ali Rayl, and James Sherrett celebrated the opening last night with their partners in the project and Slack employees, Mary Mitchell O’Connor, Ireland’s Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, and customers including Intercom, Havas Dublin, and Storyful.

It was also a welcome party for Butting and Henderson, who both bring decades of experience to Slack. Butting was most recently Head of EMEA at Dropbox, and before that was at Google, eventually heading up AdSense EMEA. He says his decision to join Slack was all about the product, particularly the Platform. “No technology can solve the collaborative issue in a meaningful manner if it doesn’t fully integrate with the wide range of tools used by global workforces today,” he says. “Slack does this.”

Henderson most recently led Dell’s EMEA Online Customer Experience team for the Consumer and Small Business division, after six years at Aviva. She’ll be responsible for ensuring that in the future Slack can support its European customers in English, French, German and Spanish.

“So many things appealed to me about this role, however one of the things that really stood out was the specific reference to being responsible for the happiness of the team,” she says. “I haven’t seen that in a job spec before.”

Darragh Curran, VP of Engineering, Intercom said:

“The Intercom-Slack integration helps teams provide fast customer support by ensuring they never miss a conversation. Teams get real-time notifications in Slack for new conversations and users, as well as when teammates take actions such as adding notes and assigning conversations so everyone can stay in sync.

“Our R&D teams rely on it and integrate dozens of parts of our systems and tooling into it. It’s our first window into many parts of our business.”

Havas Dublin is a fully integrated creative agency located in the heart of Dublin. Its 45-strong team provides advertising, brand strategy, social marketing and PR support to an array of blue chip companies and household brands including Pepsi Co, Heineken, Hyundai and Microsoft.

The company introduced Slack amongst a small team of four within their digital dept in March 2015. In the agency’s highly collaborative environment, colleagues quickly heard about the new platform that was changing the way the digital team worked, and soon everyone wanted a piece of the action. By summer 2015 the whole agency was on Slack.

“Slack has fundamentally changed the workflow for our agency and made everything simpler and much more transparent. I can’t imagine how the office would be without it now,“ explained Bob Coggins, Managing Director, Havas Dublin.

“If two people have a conversation about a client or team on Slack, everyone can quickly see what is going on without needing to hunt out the information. We also use simple emoji reactions to show the status of an action. It is a much quicker and more natural way to communicate in the digital age, and as a result we’ve been able to reduce internal emails by 90%.”

Working across five floors in two town houses on Lower Leeson Street, and having a team that would often be out with clients or at events, Slack has become the sharing and collaboration platform for the company’s exchanges, information and even ideas.

“Inspiration can strike at anytime, and for me the spark usually comes when I’m out and about. If you put a note on your phone the chances are no-one else is going to see it and you wouldn’t email a photo from a gig alongside a stream of consciousness, so those moments tended to get lost. With Slack they don’t. The chance to capture, share and then collaborate on those moments is hugely powerful,” added Coggins.

A podcast interview with Ali Rayl, Slack’s Director of Customer Experience will be coming on Irish Tech News  soon.

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