Slack, the tech unicorn that created one of the must have business tools which changed the way that businesses communicate internally, has just launched Message Menus, a new feature that will bring more evolution to the way people communicate at work.

This new feature will allow its 5million daily active users to use drop-down menus, which can be tailored for each message, ensuring more intricate workflows to the apps used in Slack.

What’s more, for the 2.5m developers in the Slack development community, these menus will add a new layer of functionality for those who are building on Slack. As a collaborative platform, Slack improves as developers build more and this development will empower the development community even further to improve workflow and change the way we work as a community.

Examples of apps already using message menus include:

  • Lever – Lever’s app will follow up with you in Slack straight after an interview happens, capturing your feedback in real time while it’s fresh in your mind. This is then sent on to your recruiting team so they can take the appropriate steps with the candidate.
  • Survey Monkey – The Survey Monkey app now allows users to manage, run, and collaborate on surveys from Slack. People can invite other users to collaborate on surveys, set up notifications, collect feedback, or share the results to a broader team.

Over a dozen apps in the Slack directory have introduced messages menus from today. Message menus can give you options that are tailored to your job role, responsibilities, or personal preference.

They can be used to navigate through sales leads, managing tickets from your support system or booking meeting rooms. The aim is to streamline your working so that you can move quickly on to the next tasks.

By adding new features like this to compliment existing ones such as message buttons and threaded replies, Slack are aiming to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

If you want to use message menus in an internal integration just for your company? Vist Slacks platform blog to get started.

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