Web Summit 2014 is upon us and one company looking to make their voice heard is an upcoming social network on the block, ‘SilOOette’ which was founded by Gill Costello. The social network runs with a tagline of being a “more genuine place for sharing” and a network for you to find your people and be yourself.

Some of the headline features on their website at the moment is connecting with others on topics you care about, choosing a pseudonym so that you can express yourself freely, discover new interests, be honest and speak your mind, organise your thoughts and filter out the noise to take control. The website itself describes itself as ‘the next level in social networking.’

“SilOOette is a new social network. The premise is simple: find and connect with like-minded people on the topics that are important to you.

On SilOOette you are not bound to your real-life identity, you can make pseudonymous connections with people based on common interests. You can connect privately by creating a pseudonymous “nickname”. SilOOette is empowering people to share their individuality without fear of repercussions.

We’ve created a platform that is flexible and under your control. We hope it entertains, educates and helps you in many aspects of your life.”

With Web Summit 2014 about to begin, SilOOette is getting ready to send out their first invites for beta testers. You can sign up to receive an invite when they are ready to be sent out.

I am a social media addict of course and can’t wait to have a look around and give it a go. To get us in the mood for Web Summit, SilOOette has uploaded a ‘Find Your People’ flashmob video which was recorded at the top of Grafton St, Dublin on the 18th of October.

There is also a mini version of the flash mob that has been posed by SilOOette to watch if you prefer.

If you want to check out SilOOette at the Web Summit then make sure to stop by stand number SCL 166 on November 5th. They will be launching their beta version on that date.

If you wish to sign up to be one of their beta testers then you can do so here, at their home page. I’m excited to start exploring already!

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