Silicon Valley insider Adeo Ressi is hosting a Founder Institute Pitch event in Dublin on June 12th and wants to hear from complete outsiders.

Pre-accelerator? Pre-Incubator? Pre-Idea? Want access to the man who plans Mars Missions with Elon Musk, has seven startups under his belt and created shareholder value of $2bn+

A man like Adeo Ressi doesn’t roll into Ireland every day of the week. Adeo Ressi is the inspired genius bringing the Silicon Valley state of mind to the world. Think big is one of his maxims and he lives it every day.

In 2009 he came back from retirement aged 37 to start the Founder Institute and he wants to help create one million new jobs. Founder Institute have already created 20,000 jobs and in 2017 will help found 2,000 companies. He’s coming to Dublin on June 12th for a free event where super early stage entrepreneurs will have the chance to pitch him. Adeo specifically wants to hear from people who are still in a full-time job and really want to start their own company.

You may have an idea that you’ve been working on as a side thing for a year or so but haven’t really taken it anywhere. Or perhaps you’ve an inkling about what you’d like to do but you’re not sure. Ideas aren’t even necessary – you may just know that you’d like to find out if you’ve got what it takes to do your own thing or not. Pitching Adeo could change your life.

How often does an opportunity come about for anyone, regardless of connections have a shot at pitching someone like Adeo? Getting to pitch Adeo is simple.

Register here for free and then tweet why you should be selected using the hashtag #DUBFI – short for Dublin Founder Institute which starts its first semester on October 2nd.

More about Adeo

Adeo Ressi is CEO of the Founder Institute, an idea-stage incubator for high-tech entrepreneurs with chapters in over 150 cities worldwide. The Founder Institute will help launch 2,000 companies worldwide over the next 12 months, and the Founder Institute has been doubling in size every year. Mr. Ressi has pioneered a number of advances in the field of venture capital and fundraising. He developed “convertible equity,” which has been renamed as the SAFE Note, along with Yokum Taku, Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. He developed the Founder Advisor Standard Template (“FAST”), which provides a standardized equity sharing arrangement for early-stage companies to retain key strategic advisors. He has also created Class F, a founder-friendly incorporation structure that is adopted by many successful technology companies in Silicon Valley. As a serial entrepreneur for 22 years, Mr. Ressi has founded a total of 7 previous companies, which have generated approximately $2 billion in shareholder value, including Total New York (sold to AOL), methodfive (taken public with XCEED) and Game Trust (sold to Real Networks). Adeo serves as the Founding Member of, an online resource for CEO’s to research, rate, and review venture firms worldwide, and Mr. Ressi has also served on the Board of the X PRIZE foundation, a non-profit chartered to inspire human achievements through competition.

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