Camillo Piscitelli CEO of Sidera welcomes the appointment of Heather Flannery to the sidera team,  “Ms. Flannery is a high-profile and experienced personality in the crypto world. She has always dedicated her time to helping others and improving the quality of people’s life through blockchain technology, ” he says.

Flannery is a Co-Founder of Blockchain in Healthcare Global (“BiHG”), a new 501(c)6 trade association organized under the IEEE ISTO launching in August 2018. She is also FY19 Co-Chair of the global HIMSS Blockchain in Healthcare Task Force, an Innovation Fellow at EP3 Foundation, an active consultant and speaker.

Prior to BiHG, she founded and led Obesity Prevention, Policy, and Management, Inc. (“Obesity PPM”), an innovative provider of disease management, population health, research administration, and information technology managed services for health systems in the Americas, and an early adopter of distributed ledger technology.

Ms. Flannery has driven continuous business model innovation through the yearly adoption of technology. Throughout her 25-years career as an entrepreneur, technologist, and strategist she has consulted the public sector in the context of international development, and has always brought a global health perspective to her initiatives. Ms. Flannery is a versatile, lateral thinker who applies complex adaptive system theories in order to identify, advance, and course-correct critical path to progress against large-scale macroscopic challenges.

In conclusion, Piscitelli echoes his welcome:  “We are proud to announce the collaboration with Ms. Flannery who brings her experience and expertise in healthcare services in order to best improve, especially this last aspect of the Sidera Wearable.”


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