Sidera, the succesful blockchain project incubated by IBM in the “Startup for IBM” program, just reached its soft cap, raising more than 1,500,000 dollars. The support of partners such as Nexqo, Security Brokers and IBM testifies the worldwide support and the positive opinions that make its community bigger day by day.

This is especially impressive given this very bad bear market where projects find it very difficult to link with investors.

Sidera will re-write the future, by launching the first Decentralized Wearable Device (DWD) in the world. Security is guaranteed by the integrated biometric sensor, which is able to create a unique ID by analysing body signals such as skin perspiration, arm movement and so on. This technology, in case of loss or theft, will protect the wallet by denying anyone to access.

With Sidera’s SmartBit device it is possible to trade cryptocurrencies from wrist, send crypto with off-chain wrist-to-wrist transactions and much more.

Camillo Piscitelli, Founder of Sidera says: “Our goal is to make cryptocurrency payments accessible everywhere. Currently, however, there is no device that allows all this. We want everyone to be able to buy primary goods in this way and have therefore designed the solution which is now available. Let us welcome SmartBit”.

Sidera is the beginning of a revolution that will change everyone’s daily lives.

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