SpritzCoin is considered to be the “Bitcoin of the beverage sector and of nightlife”. It is a token based on Ethereum ERC20, fast, easy and safe to use for all types of transactions that are part of the beverage and nightlife community.

Their focus is to give the possibility to people to access and take advantage from blockchain and virtual reality by solving significant problems like the lack of efficiency, high fees and the high cost of using the latest technologies.

Therefore SpritzCoin’s platform will not only introduce “the token” but will also offer technology that will improve and facilitate payment methods compared to those traditional.

SpritzCoin aims to become “the Uber of the beverage”, in other terms, the biggest bar in the world without having and being a bar.

On the other hand, Sidera’s objective is to expand their technology in order to improve and facilitate every day’s traditional transactions and this partnership matches our mission.

This long-term collaboration will help Sidera reach the beverage/nightlife community and at the same time, SpritzCoin will take advantage of Sidera’s highly innovative technology in order to expand their business and make it more direct, easy and secure.

SpritzCoin will now be part of Sidera’s Blockchain wallet and will be listed in the exchange. This means that from now on it will be possible to pay in all kinds of bars through Sidera’s wearable smartwatch using our currency or SpritzCoin.



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