The world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for the global $3 Trillion IT products and services Industry just signed a technological and financial partnership with Sidera Blockchain.

This revolutionary project, headquartered in the Netherlands with operations run out of Paris, is decentralising Amazon and Alibaba onto the Ethereum blockchain, to enable the world to buy and sell IT hardware, software and services on peer-to-peer basis, powered solely by smart contracts, and one single global cryptocurrency, the Multicoin.

Transaction volume on the Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM) is estimated to exceed $100 Billion (3% of current global market) by 2023.

A portion of the Multicoin transaction fees will be used to compensate Multiven’s Internet experts, security researchers and cryptographers that actively monitor and protect Bitcoin nodes against advanced cyberattacks via the Multiven B-Fence program which went live a week ago and can be viewed at

This could be enough to bring in most investors, but how about future technology? Don’t worry, if you are a sci-fi lover, keep in mind that Multiven will use a portion of its ICO proceeds to decentralise full Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes into low-Earth orbit and thereby ensure Bitcoin and Ethereum network survivability.

Sidera and Multiven are exploring expanding the Multiven B-Fence cyber-defence program for nodes to include Sidera’s Bitsmart micro-nodes.

Founded in Palo Alto, California in 2005, Multiven is the world’s first and only provider of independent and decentralised software integrity maintenance and cyber-defense services for all the blockchain nodes and hardware that make up the world’s Internet networks.

Multiven is tokenising its existing successful business by developing the Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM), the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for the global $3 Trillion IT hardware, software and services Industry, that will enable everybody to buy and sell smartphones, computers, routers etc. on a peer-to-peer basis, powered by smart contracts, with the Multicoin as the sole medium of exchange. Multicoin transaction fees from the MOM will fund the cyber-defense of Bitcoin, Ethereum and all public blockchain nodes on Earth, as well as their decentralisation into low-Earth-orbit.



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