Time to get excited if you’re a Civilization fan, 2K and Firaxis have revealed a new interstellar adventure entitled Sid Meier’s Starships.

Set in the Beyond Earth universe, Starships is a turn based strategy game which explores what happens after mankind has colonized other planets.

Meier spoke to Gamestop about the motivation behind Starships. “When designing Starships, I was intrigued by the idea of exploring the next chapter in the story of Civilization: Beyond Earth,” Meier said. “What happens after we colonize our new home and eventually build starships to take to the stars? What has become of our long-lost brothers and sisters from the planet Earth?”

“My goal was to create an experience that focuses on starship design and combat within a universe filled with interstellar adventure, diplomacy, and exploration.”

Speaking about cross-connectivity for people who own both Beyond Earth and Starships, the developer stated that this integration will “enhance and expand upon both game experiences.”

Starships will be available early this year on Windows, Mac and iPad. In the meantime, here is the launch trailer to whet your appetite.

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