SID Limited, the developer of a crowd-sourced internet sharing blockchain-enabled decentralized system, announced that it has entered into an agreement resulting in the addition of as its next exchange listing for its utility token. is an innovative crypto trading platform that aims to disrupt the financial ecosystem and democratize the markets. The company boasts a large and loyal community who have access to a wide range of crypto assets on its fully customizable and user-friendly trading platform. Since the launch of the platform in 2018, a range of new tokens and blockchains continue to be added to its offering, thereby helping users to diversify their trading portfolio.

The company heavily vets all new tokens, performing strict due diligence in order to ensure a consistent level of high-quality instruments exclusively available to its loyal following.’s Chief Operating Officer Roy Gutshall said:

“As we grow and evolve with the changing landscape of the traditional ICO, we’re excited to announce our first Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), the SID token.

We are committed to staying innovative, adaptive, and being active participants within the crypto industry. IEOs streamline the traditional ICO process, which ultimately makes it easier for contributors to participate.

Not only do we believe that the platform will serve as the perfect base to accelerate SID’s growth, but we also believe in the company mission and look forward to supporting the team during the initial phase of their success story.” 

SID Chairman Jose Merino said: “We at SID (Share Internet Data) Limited are excited to be listed on’s exchange to serve as a trading platform for current and future users in Asia and in the rest of the world”.

SID (Share Internet Data) technology is based on a US granted Patent written by its Chairman, which enables point-to-multipoint crowd-sourced internet, as well as the sharing of internet between nearby smartphones, tablets and other devices on the SID platform. This basic feature inside these different products will allow us to bring internet access to parts of the global population, which are currently not yet online, by obtaining internet access through nearby smartphone users of the SID community, who are sharing their internet data.

Additionally, users themselves have already added several hundreds of thousands of WiFi hotspots to the SID network, which are then shared amongst the SID community.

SID aims to create a global internet access boom; the commercial app is already available on Google Play-Store and on App-Store. In order to speed up the reach of SID shared internet access, SID has made deals with 3rd parties such as Dunkin´ Coffee where the SID technology is integrated into their own APP.

Quoting Marketing Director, Karina Castillo from Dunkin Coffee, from a 2018 press release: “The app (Dunkin App with SID inside) has already received 250,000 downloads, with more than 91,000 active monthly users”, and mentioned that “the chain has seen a drastic increase in footfall”.

SID has further partnerships lined up for 2019 that include the financial servies company DOPE, with an established network of users nationwide in Ghana and more recently with Travalian, the first social media site for travel, covering currently over 100,000 businesses with connections in Australia and New Zealand alone. Other partnerships this year include the taxi consortium UniTaxi in Spain, Ammeris of Canada, as well as AIAR for mobile learning in Singapore.

In the future, the aim is for SID users to get free internet access by obtaining tokens in exchange for consuming advertising. The tokens can then be used in return for purchasing data usage from other nearby users, in exchange for tokens, or to simply trade tokens with other SID users.

SID community members who purchased SID tokens or obtained free tokens through any airdrops, bounty programs, or other forms of community building programs, i.e. free tokens when adding valid WiFi to the SID platform, are now able to exchange tokens for received shared internet from other nearby SID users.

SID is currently offering a limited number of tokens, available until the end of March 2019, through its own website and through an initial exchange offering on the blockchain-enabled exchange. Feel free to register and contribute buying SID Tokens (SIDT) directly on the Exchange.

Trades of shared internet megabytes for tokens, will be done simply through a secured Stellar blockchain, or on a public exchange to ensure full transparency, with the control of the tokens and the control of sharing internet fully decentralized, meaning solely under the end user’s control through their already released token wallet and the settings inside the SID Android App.

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