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I love Buffer, love it. For those of you who may not know, Buffer is a service which allows you to schedule content to be posted to your social network on a set time scale which you can pre determine. Buffer has a not so new app out called Daily.

Daily allows you to share relevant content to your social networks making you look truly tech savvy in your field. However it is both blessing and a curse, it could increase Twitter followers or it could send your account into an oblivion. Let us have a look and see what it is and how it works.


Daily uses human based search algorithms to find relevant content for you to tweet to your followers, now here is the first odd part in itself. Daily uses human hand picked stories? That could work with a small user base but what about when the user base is in the hundreds of thousands? Daily answers this by saying that they limit their outreach to five niches.

The app design is stunning, it is so simple and perfect it works so well. You are not encouraged to read the articles so much (you can if you want) but you are more encouraged to decided if you want to share the content or not based on the title.

Everything in the app is a monochrome of grey, black and white. The only colour is two buttons, red and green. Swipe towards the green to put something in your buffer queue and swipe to the red to get rid of it.

Sound familiar? It is pretty much exactly like Tinder but for content.

The app is centred around making it easy to share content with others in a way that is quick and efficient by making you read as little as you possibly have to. However it does raise some concerns too.

1. You have to rely on a human based algorithm to find the content for you

2. You may loose followers quickly if you flood social media profiles with an array of content over a short period of time. Will people really be interested in content that you have barely read yourself? Remember there is somewhat an emotional trigger when it comes to clicking on something on social media.

People only tend to click things they really want to read and if it is something you are passionate about. If you have barely read something, would people really be interested in it at all?


  • Buffer swears the content is hand picked by humans for you each day
  • The app is free and offers at least 25 daily articles
  • The design is stunning and performs the task of the app to perfection


  • Most people will more than likely not read content you tweet out from Daily, at least that is what the statistics indicate to essentially you could be turned into a social media spam bot
  • No Android app
  • Limited number of niches


Daily is an app which delivers on what it sets out to do, it looks great and if used right it could be an effective social media tool. However for many people it could potentially turn them into a social media spam bot and send users running from their account.

You can download Daily from the App store from the following link.

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