An app, See It? Say It! released today by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now makes it really easy to report illegal dumping. Available here as a free download from the Appstore the app allows users to report many different type of complaints to the relevant Local Authorities.

To report a problem just open the app, click the red ‘Report Environmental Complaint’ button


Then simply click ‘Take Photo’, add a comment if you want to, choose a ‘Complaint Type (Air/Odour, Noise, Water, Drinking Water and Waste/Illegal Dumping are the presets) and fill in your details!


Finally just hit the ‘Send’ button and your complaint is on its way! The app also sends the GPS coordinates which will allow the Local Authority to find the problem easily.

Personally, the area where I live is very close to the countryside and prone to illegal dumping, I will certainly be using this app if I come across any dumping in the future.


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