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Societies demand excellency of employers at all levels creating a squeeze at the top of the pyramid pf success.

With the appearance of new technologies, every area of endeavor are asking for even higher qualifications.

Nowadays, highly qualified people who would have seized every good job opportunity see their dream jobs granted to others even more qualified and experienced. In the past they would have been paid an attractive fee on joining the company to ensure they would not leave.

In conclusion, nowadays, there is no place for the casual job applicant. An in-depth understanding of the job and a similar experience of it in the past is essential.

If applying for a senior management job, the experience and skills are necessary but you will also be viewed as a potential colleague. The senior management team will want to feel confident around their new colleague. They need to feel secure that you won’t let them down when addressing shareholders and stakeholders as required.

References and backgrounds will be checked by a private phone call between MDs. They understand each other’s needs and will be honest while describing the applicant.

Regarding the resume, at a senior level, less is more. The C.V. must be short, concise and to the point. It must be extremely well crafted, so it will “sell” you in one page. In other words; get you an interview.

The C.V only gets the applicant to the door, you will then be assessed by professional managers. They must have liked something in your C.V. to have you for an interview. Therefore, you must know it by heart.

Your application must reflect your personality, your temperament, your skills and your experience. Accordingly you must revisit every aspect of yourself to be able to respond to questions promptly, confidentially and with full command.

Some statements of the CEO must be interpreted as questions. For example “I need someone to run the place so I can get on with it” must be seen as a question, and the applicant must answer by giving his vision for the organisation.

If the interview is a success and you get the job. Never accept the first offer. You have to put a value on your skills. If you are seen to negotiate hard for yourself skilfully, you will negotiate equally hard for the company’s benefits.

Make a success of this and opportunities will appear. Do it right, and it’s onwards and upwards. Do it wrong, and you will disappear very quickly.

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