A device with potential to enable rapid and automated closure of wounds and surgical incisions, has won the Clinical Innovation Award 2015, sponsored by Enterprise Ireland in association with Cleveland Clinic.

The winner, Mr. Cyrus Doctor, Trauma and Orthopaedic Registrar and participant in the BioInnovate programme in the National University of Ireland Galway, will work with Cleveland Clinic and Enterprise Ireland to investigate the commercial potential of a device for rapid postoperative closure for patients in a user friendly way.

Current rapid closure methods, such as metal surgical staples can result in postoperative pain, wound infection and patient dissatisfaction from poor cosmetic results. Therefore many surgeons still choose a manual approach of suturing that can take a considerable time at the end of surgery. Mr. Doctor’s simple, inexpensive automated “seamless stitches” solution will provide an enhanced postoperative experience and reduced pain for the patient.

Announcing the winner, Brian Kolonick, General Manager of Cleveland Clinic’s Global Healthcare Innovation Alliance, said: “Once again we are impressed and inspired by the innovative ideas that Enterprise Ireland has presented to us. Mr. Doctor’s novel technology has the potential to improve patient outcomes and cosmetic results from rapid surgical closure, at a cost that is appealing to both patients and providers. Cleveland Clinic Innovations is looking forward to providing Mr. Doctor access to the appropriate clinical experts to assist in validating device design and providing guidance in how to secure adoption by the clinical community.’

The Clinical Innovation Award, now in its 5th year, recognises commercial potential in Ireland’s clinical community and encourages clinicians to engage in the development of new healthcare products and services that will improve patient care, benefiting both the health care system and Ireland’s medical technologies companies.

Mr. Cyrus Doctor will receive a grant of €15,000 and the opportunity to work with Cleveland Clinic and Enterprise Ireland to further develop the commercial potential of this innovative technology, with potential for follow on support through Enterprise Ireland’s Commercialisation Fund.

Dr. Brian O’Neill, Director of Life Sciences in Enterprise Ireland said: “As this device can be used in any surgery requiring closure, the market potential for Mr. Doctor’s device is extremely significant. This coupled with the simplicity of the device design, should also allow a rapid route to market, making it attractive for follow on investment. Enterprise Ireland is delighted to see the continued trend of clinicians engaging in the development of innovations that have the potential to be commercialised through Irish medical technology companies.”

The announcement was made at the Medical Technology Industry Excellence awards in Dublin. This event, sponsored by the Irish Medical Devices Association, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, celebrates excellence from both companies and academic institutions across the Medical Technology sector in Ireland.

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