Interview by @SimonCocking


Answers to questions, by Scredible President, Lee Troxler.

How did the Summit go for you?

Incredible. We chose Web Summit to launch our AI-driven social media app Scredible – a great choice. The product generated a huge amount of energy and interest, and we received fantastic feedback from the press, tech community, and social media bods – who all jumped right on Scredible!

We also delivered a workshop, ‘Is AI the future of social media’, to a packed house, which was a great confirmation of what we already know – that there is a massive demand for intelligent machines able to vastly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of social media, which otherwise requires a lot of leg work.

Overall, a socially credible experience!

Did it match your expectations?

Yes. Web Summit was fantastic. Great to be at the centre of so much innovation.


If you were to do it differently what would you have done?

Easy! Use Scredible to organise Web Summit attendees by ‘interests’ on a granular level, helping each one to pinpoint the exhibits and speakers of most interest or relevance to them. With 7,000 exhibitors and so much activity going on, it’s simply not possible to see everything, and I think a lot of people miss out on things that would be of real benefit to them. So using Scredible is our suggested improvement for next year.

Did you get any useful feedback from people here?

It was very useful to get an insight into the Summit’s ecosystem. Most exhibitors there were offering fairly incremental improvements on existing platforms, and so easily explained. The Scredible platform includes next-generation AI that’s cutting-edge to many people. The feedback that we received is helping us to refine and simplify the Scredible story.

Will you be changing or pivoting your project based on what happened at the summit?

We’ve already started implementing feedback received into the Scredible product. As an AI-driven solution that helps professionals to be socially credible in real-time, Scredible is designed to be ever evolving, so continual product development is inherently built-in.

How did you find Dublin?

Dublin could well be the prototype city of the future.  Every visitor has to be impressed with its forward-looking confidence.  Things are happening here.

Which had more use for you the day summit or the night one? why?

Day Summit overall, although both were useful. There’s a lot going on during the day, so it’s great to be able to relax more during the evening. That said, the Scredible team didn’t stop working the entire time, so there wasn’t much relaxing going on!


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