Sckipio Technologies, the leader in today, announced the world’s first solution to deliver up to 1.5Gbps in combined upstream and downstream performance by dynamically allocating the bandwidth in each direction in real time. Called DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation), Sckipio is giving consumers a user-experience that achieves 750Mbps in each direction. For the customer it will feel like having 1.5Gbps of total performance.

“With dynamic bandwidth allocation, we believe AT&T can offer up to 750Mbps in both downstream and upstream performance over coax with today’s chipsets,” said Eddy Barker, Assistant VP of Technical Design & Architecture at AT&T in a recent interview. “In the next generation chipsets, we should be able to double that target achieving as much as 1.5Gbps in each direction.”

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“DBA is a game-changer,” said Tim Fell, VP of Video & Broadband Services at TELUS. “In the race to deliver ultra-fast broadband, the ability to offer affordable symmetrical services will give telcos the flexibility required to meet our customers evolving high speed Internet needs.”

As consumers rapidly move to more user-generated content and live video streaming services, the demand for upload speed is growing faster than the demand for download speed., with dynamic bandwidth allocation, will provide a vastly higher upload performance than cable and a much better consumer experience.

Sckipio will present this new technology at the Summit in Paris later this week. Also at the show, Adtran, a Sckipio partner, will demonstrate the DBA technology live.

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