is a new online service which has launched with the aim of making it easier for parents to find camps for their children which are being run in their local area.
With a number of well known camps already signed up to use the service, I spoke with Liam Cunningham to find out more about this new service.

What is and what service do you offer?

Scamps is thee search directory for finding the right camp for your child in your locality. We have everything from sports camps, to music camps through to the arts. We give parents the ability to choose the right camp for their child based on their needs, interests and camp environment. Scamps automatically pin points your location and highlights the abundance of camps on your doorstep.

Within each camp profile there is significant detail such as camp times/dates, instructor qualifications, ratio of instructors to campers and how to book your child a place. Each camp can be reviewed so you can see which is the best peer review camp in your area. We take the hassle out of the search process for parents and ensure that children find the camps that they will love.

Why will it do well?

Recent CSO statistics have shown that 65% of the male and 55% of the female population are currently in employment. With over 1.1 million children (<18) in Ireland, it is reasonable to suggest that families with two working parents are finding it increasingly difficult to juggle full time jobs and also accommodate their children during the 15-18 weeks of school holidays. Scamps is the only one-stop-shop for parents accessing camps in Ireland. Our focus is solely on promoting the array of camps we have all over Ireland and on making sure parents can easily find the appropriate camp for their child.

Parents are frustrated at the amount of school holidays, the significant costs of child minding fees and the multiple Google searches they have to undertake to find a camp that works for their budget, location and child’s needs. Scamps addresses all of these issues through a simple, easy to use search platform.

Is there a cost involved with using the service?

Scamps is completely free for the user. We want to provide a service to the parent and child population and this should be free for all to use. We do charge a small (and highly competitive) fee for camps to advertise with us for as little as €50 for a 12 month annual listing.

What has been your biggest challenge getting things off the ground?

The biggest challenge for us was convincing camps to partner with us at the beginning. We were basically selling them a “future truth” that we would be the or (but for camps!) in a number of months. Once we got one or two of the big providers like Starcamp and Let’s Go! Summer Camps to come on board the rest began to take notice and we have seen a huge uptake in recent weeks. Recently we partnered with the GAA Cúl Camps who run over 1000 camps. I can say now with confidence that there should be at least 1 (if not 2-3) camp in every town in every county. We want Scamps to be of use to parents across the whole country.

Is there an app available or do you plan to release one?

At present we do not have an app. We won’t rule one out but for now we feel the desktop and mobile site are sufficient for users needs.

What’s the best way for people to find out more?

The best way to find out more is to simply log on to and test out our service!

Type in your location and see what excellent camps are in your area. You might want your child to learn Irish through adventure sports (Moontour), to become a spy for the week (Spybus) or even learn a language abroad (Stein Study).

Keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter (@ScampsIreland) to see all new camps we partner with and the services they offer.

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