By @SimonCocking.  Scale Up Millionaire: How To Sell Your Way To A Fast Growth, High Value Enterprise by Gordon McAlpine, reviewed. Available to buy from Amazon here.

How Would It Feel To Master Selling, Take Control Of Your Business Growth And Become A Scale Up Millionaire? Gordon McAlpine is a self-made, successful entrepreneur who has been there and done it. By starting up, growing and exiting a highly successful global technology company without any funding from investors or the bank, he has personally proved that the organic Scale Up of a business really is an achievable dream. In Scale Up Millionaire he reveals his proven 6-Step Scale Up Process. Scale Up Millionaire gives you the opportunity to sell your way to a fast growth, high value enterprise, with the potential for a life-changing exit.

As Bill Gates mentioned, success can be a lousy teacher. We may have just got lucky, whereas failure makes really evaluate if what we did was actually the best course of action. In this book there are some good practical pieces of advice. p45 appealed particularly.

No excuses! 

I’ve met many founders and CEOS who don’t think selling should be a key part of their role. You too may well have reservations about whether you should or can sell …

From there, on pages 46 & 47, he goes on to list five common excuses why CEO’s / founders feel they shouldn’t be selling. The thing is, if you follow this path, you are potentially delegating away the future success or failure of your company. Not everyone may agree, but we have met many, many founders who are completely product focused, with little to no interest in getting their hands dirty by having to deal with the annoying, awkward experiences that are customer feedback. And yet, without that you are flying blind. It is observations like this, and others, that make the book an enjoyable useful read.

It is a useful, interesting book, and the final epilogue on his time as a secret millionaire, returning to Govan in Glasgow was a great final part to the book. Read it, and hopefully it may help you to keep focused on what it actually takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

The power of proposition. Looking to scale up your business? Startup insights with the secret millionaire Gordon McAlpine

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