By @SimonCocking review of Scale Up IT by Jorge De Andrade available from here.

Know if you have an A-team in your organization, who is doing what, when and where in your organization, if it is using industry’s best practices, if your organization is dependent on any one person, if it is executing your strategy, if it is excelling and if your organization is on the right track.

Increase your business capabilities and resilience to market demand and competition.

Entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium size businesses even big corporations around the world cannot afford to miss opportunities nowadays in this competitive, techy, innovative and fast paced world of business. If infrastructure for success, people management and results orientated organisation, methods, systems and outsourcing strategies are not your cup of tea nowadays, then your organisation is not ready for success in this information age.

This is a thorough and methodical book which looks to drill into how to help your business to grow and expand within the context of building your organisational IT capacity. Andrade takes you through a series of scenarios and situations to assess possible strategies and options to consider to ensure you achieve the best results possible. He has engaged with a topic that many would not always want to get their teeth into, as it is complex, all about the details, often costly, and complex. In many ways this might be a good reason in of itself to consult it, to try and avoid potential headaches and problems that you may encounter otherwise. It might not be the book you want for bedtime reading, but you might want to make it required reading for the person who is dealing with your IT upgrades.

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