Samsung has released details of a an upcoming phone release which include what would appear to be the first pictures of the “Nexus Prime”





As you can see from the picture above there is a big emphasis on the curve of the screen that the blue line exaggerates.

On closer inspection the curve would be very similar to the Nexus S.

We can also see three gold pins on the side of the phone which would suggest they are readying docks for the phone also.

This is likely to be the first Ice Cream Sandwich Android phone.

The launch event is penciled in for October 11 at the Unpacked 2011 event.

The timing of this is obviously aimed at stealing some of Apple’s thunder after yesterday’s iPhone 4S announcement


We’ll watch with interest and see what Samsung and Google come up with. Will they take the opportunity left open for them and push something “magical” out?


Let us know what you think below





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