Samsung Italy has released details of which of it’s current Android devices will get an update to Ice Cream Sandwich. There is no timelines for this yet but it is looking like a Q2 2012 roll out. This will of course be only for non network branded models. It could take considerably more time for the Networks to push out a branded version of this update so don’t hold your breath if you are the owner of one of those devices. Samsung have been very slow at rolling out these type of firmware updates in the past, so it is always welcome to see one of the big manufacturers taking note of what their customers want.



This is the list they have released so far:

  • Galaxy S II
  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9
  • Galaxy Tab 7.7
  • Galaxy Tab  7 Plus
More devices may be added when they have had more time to access suitability but it will be fairly certain that devices that were upgraded from Froyo to Gingerbread will not see an update to Ice Cream Sandwich.
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