Sales on Amazon over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday long weekend will be double a normal weekend, according to analysis by ecommerce software company XSellco of its customers’ sales trends last year, which showed a 110% uplift across all markets. In its Kick your Amazon sales into overdrive report, XSellco advises retailers from Ireland and internationally how to maximise their sales by looking at trends at different times and in different countries.

Reviewing sales on Amazon by only Irish based retailers, XSellco’s research shows that on Black Friday sales were 68% higher than a normal Friday, whereas sales on Cyber Monday were just 25% higher.

XSellco reviewed the sales trends of 1,200 Amazon retailers from 2015 to help its customers better prepare for 2016. Key findings include:

In the US, Black Friday is favoured for bricks and mortar shopping whereas Cyber Monday is when online sales boom.
Trends on Amazon UK show Black Friday as the big online sales day, whereas in Germany Black Friday has very limited traction.
Consumer electronics are the most popular category for big ticket sales over the weekend.
Mobile phones were the biggest seller in 2015 and grew +84% against a normal weekend, tablets (+134%) and TVs (+69%) were also strong performersxsellco-bf-infographic_vfinalVictor Corcoran, Chief Executive of XSellco said:

“International sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday can make or break an online seller. Shoppers are clearly delaying spending on big ticket items so that they can take advantage of sales promotions over this weekend so it is essential retailers grab their attention with unbeatable deals.

Our review of Irish retailers selling globally on Amazon shows that in 2015 Black Friday provided a considerably bigger uplift than Cyber Monday. At XSellco we are working to help retailers in Ireland and overseas to make sure their products have the best chance of being snapped up by eager shoppers. This means knowing the trends and cultural differences between different markets and tailoring your strategy accordingly.”

According to eMarketer, ecommerce will account for 9% of global retail sales this year, rising to 15% by 2020. Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are playing an increasing role in driving this trend, with their ease of payment and storage of delivery details helping to attract shoppers who want a quick one-stop service. Research from Visa Europe showed that in Ireland ecommerce spending rose 11% in November of last year driven by strong growth in sales over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

XSellco is backed by technology entrepreneur Ray Nolan and launched its first products in mid-2014. It has rapidly grown from 6 employees in early 2015 to currently employing 40 people. The company announced last week that it is looking to add another 40 employees by the end of 2017, and is hiring software developers, sales and marketing professionals, and customer success experts.

XSellco software supports over $250 million in transactions every month for over 3,000 customers in 60 countries. It aims to triple this number in the next twelve months.

XSellco’s platform consolidates incoming queries and order data from sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart as well as the users’ own web store, helping support teams deliver a better customer experience and reduce support costs. The platform also helps retailers increase profitable orders through dynamic price changes to ensure the optimum price is offered to customers at all times. Customers include Irish ecommerce success story, and a rapidly growing range of leading international players including Littlewoods, Suzuki, Superdry, and Lloyds Pharmacy.

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