We’ve mentioned previously that 2012 is a make or break year for Research in Motion, the makers of BlackBerry. BB10 devices were pushed back till later in the year which wasn;t the best sign in the world but N4BB.com has published what it has heard about 2012 releases from BlackBerry. Here’s the summary:






  • 10 inch PlayBook releasing in December 2012, will be LTE enabled
  • 7 inch PlayBook releasing in April 2012, will be 3G+ (will not be LTE due to chipset)
  • First BlackBerry 10 phone releasing in September 2012
  • PlayBook OS 2.0 releasing end of February 2012
  • Mobile Fusion releasing in April 2012
  • PlayBook Admin Service releasing in Summer 2012
  • Two new Curves for emerging markets. One Curve will be 2G only.

If all this pans out and the dates are good then maybe RIM can pull this off. The proposed release date of September 2012 for the first BB10 device would pit it against the next iPhone which will be a big challenge. We’ll wait and see how this pans out. Comments welcome below.


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