By Oscar Michel, Masters in Journalism, DCU.

Leading 360-degree camera maker Insta360 has announced on July 13 a new partnership with famous blogger and tech expert Robert Scoble. He will act as company’s strategic consultant.

Insta360 created the world’s most advanced 360-degree cameras. As they are very light, it is possible to use them for tourism, real estate, journalism, events and conferences. Insta360 pushes the use of virtual-reality through out the world to empower people to freely share experiences with simple, versatile 360 cameras.

Scoble had first worked with Microsoft during the early 2000’s as public-relations ace. As a tech lover he was also fascinated by VR, mixed reality and immersive media and therefore partner at the mixed-reality focused consultancy firm Transformation Group. His field of expertise was to understand how virtual and mixed reality will change the way people live work and communicate.

“I’ve been a fan of Insta360 since their first cameras, and I’m thrilled to join them as they continue to grow,” said Scoble. “They move faster than any other hardware company I know, and their products hit an amazing balance between innovative tech and simple, accessible design. I see them becoming a major driver of 360 camera adoption and the broader shift to immersive media.”

A conversation with Robert Scoble

Adding Robert Scoble to the team was a major asset as he will leverage his large social-media following, deep work of tech industry movers to the team. He will also be working on the Insta360 blogs and will be recording podcasts in which he’ll share his views on the development of the mixed, augmented and virtual reality space.

Robert Scobel speaks at AR/VR Mavric VR conference, Republic of Work, Cork

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