RMC Group’s currency pre-sales for the groundbreaking Sunrise s11i miner have topped $20 million, with orders stretching all the way to June 2018, following company’s presentation at CoinDesk’s 3d annual blockchain technology summit Consensus in New York City.

RMC Group’s 16 nanometer Sunrise s11i for mining bitcoin is a formidable new entrant into the mining hardware space. List priced at $1,600, the miner offers a 5 month ROI with a 3 year warranty, as opposed to 12 months and less that a year warranty from the competition. RMCG’s order book currently has $20 million in hard contracts for 2017, with $100 million more orders stretching until June 2018. RMCG starts shipping Sunrise s11i on December 25th, 2017.

RMCG is now selling Sunrise s11i for currency, not only for its tokens. The geography of Sunrise s11i sales speaks volumes to the industry issues that RMCG has addressed with its business model and product line, as RMCG customers come from all over the world including China, Georgia and the United States, markets traditionally dominated by RMCG competitors.

“We are a Russian distributed mining company productizing a chipset based on Russian Multicellular Architecture, with the goal to empower miners around the world with the technology and equipment of the highest industrial grade at a fraction of the cost,” said Dmitri Marinichev, RMCG founder and Russian Federation’s Internet Ombudsman. “As our business success follows our ICO success, it’s worth reminding our tokenholders and our new customers that besides super-charging blockchain industry with 22st century technology, we develop our products and business processes with the values of libertarianism and authority decentralization at heart, which is why they “hit the spot,” as they say.”

RMCG’s token exchange resulted in over $47 million in RMC Coin sales. The funds were attracted to finish development and to launch an ultra efficient line of bitcoin miners, of which Sunrise s11i is the first one, which would be based on non-Von Neumann architecture chipset initially developed for altcoin mining. The chipset, Multiclet S1, is based on 28 nanometer semiconductor device fabrication node which supports a four cell chipset architecture. The cells support dynamic reconfiguration, ensuring up to 220 times less that competition energy consumption with superior output characteristics.

To keep its miner product line competitive, RMCG operates four integrated business units on a truly industrial scale out of a converted automotive manufacturing factory in downtown Moscow: an R&D unit working on MultiClet chipset evolution, an end-to-end miner manufacturing unit, a chipset fabrication unit and a miner-specific HVAC unit. RMCG also supports a robust ecosystem of partners, which help unlock new business opportunities and add value to RMC tokenholders, companies like MyCelium, its wallet used by 190,000 crypto-buyers around the world, or RMCG’s own Joint Mining Club, which consists of RMC coin token holders and receives 20 percent of the output from every miner sold by RMCG.

“With 10 Megawatt worth of Sunrise s11i shipping monthly, we are confident RMCG will fully execute its business plan for 2017-2018 exactly as it was presented in our white paper this summer,” said Marinichev. “We are proud to start this year’s holiday season by shipping bleeding edge blockchain technology equipment that is “Made in Russia.’”


About RMCG

Closely held, Moscow-based Russian Mining Company Group is a full cycle R&D, development, initial production, full-scale manufacturing and management mining equipment provider, its products built on a proprietary multicellular architecture chipset with unique energy efficiency characteristics. Part of Moscow Technopolis community of companies, RMCG has four business units, which are separate companies united into a single holding company. These companies are: MultiClet, SmartHeat, Radius Group and Goodwin. RMCG publicly announced product line consists of Sunrise s11i and 28 nm MultiClet miners.

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