A node failed in RIM’s UK centre in Slough on Monday and the switch over to redundant system did not work. A large backlog of messages was generated and traffic has had to be throttled hence why more regions have crashed. This also explains the periodic appearance of email to our devices. They think they’ve found the root cause. Some customers have had zero impact but most have been impacted. No evidence has been seen of a “hack”. This is definitely a straight forward system failure.


Reuters: Was the cause of the problem originally the UK

RIM: Yes it began in the UK and the problems in the Americas today is down to a backlog and throttling

Reuters: What are you doing with the clogged up email. Will they be delivered?

RIM: All emails will be delivered, none will be deleted

The Globe and Mail: Lots of angry customers. Does RIM believe they’ve done all they can to keep customers informed and will there be any recompense?

RIM: We have been updating on BlackBerry.com and on Twitter

The Globe and Mail: Most customers dont think thats enough

RIM: Our main prioty is getting it back up and running

The Globe and Mail: Any recompense for the loss

RIM: We’re not sure at this time


No More Questions. Conference call over.


Well it was short and sweet with only 2 questions really. They sounded very stressed and they’re very focused on fixing the issue but no set time frame from them. What do you think?


UPDATE: 6am Oct 13th All seems well for most people now. Lets hope it stays that way.





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