Ricoh has announced the launch of its first series of Intelligent Devices to meet the constantly changing needs of today’s digital workplaces. The range is part of Ricoh’s Dynamic Workplace Intelligence approach and features Ricoh’s new Always Current Technology, ensuring the technical capabilities of products evolve in parallel with customer requirements.

Ricoh Always Current Technology platform empowers people to work smarter via technologies that deliver scalability, security, sustainability, and simplicity. Users can download and install new applications, features, and upgrades directly to their device as they become available, providing complete agility and flexibility. The platform empowers digital workplaces to scale their capabilities based on their latest needs, while also keeping security features and software completely up to date. Additionally, it enables instant access to upgrades the moment they hit the market, eliminating the need to purchase new hardware for additional functionality or wait for contracts to expire. Furthermore, RICOH Intelligent Support ensures software upgrades can be quickly performed remotely and that user uptime is maximised.

The new IM C series of A3 colour MFPs is the first in a range of intelligent devices Ricoh will bring to market featuring the next generation platform. The array of upcoming office printing advancements includes Ricoh Cloud Workflow Solutions, a collection of innovative cloud-based technologies that deliver streamlined simplicity in affordable, scalable, subscription-based packages to help customers grow their business.

Ricoh Always Current Technology is realised in 13 new A3 colour intelligent MFPs that will be launched in Europe, including the RICOH IM C2000, IM C2500, IM C3000, IM C3500, IM C4500, IM C5500, and IM C6000. These devices print at 20, 25, 30, 35, 45, 55 and 60 pages per minute (ppm), respectively. They deliver printing, scanning, copying, finishing and faxing support for output sizes up to SRA3, and standard mobile printing support. Each device is certified with an EPEAT rating.

Gary Hopwood, managing director, Ricoh Ireland, says: “Security and accessibility of information is a top priority for organisations at the moment, which is why we have put these capabilities at the heart of this range of intelligent MFPs. As well as maximum uptime and enhanced responsiveness, these devices have on-board encryption and instant updates.”

The new devices will incorporate Ricoh’s new Smart Operation Panel, equipped with an upgraded processor that provides faster transitions between applications and a smooth, responsive touch screen. The new functionality is based on customer feedback and is designed to improve accessibility as well as the overall user experience. The new interface can be tailored to better adapt to and serve individual workplaces, workflows, and needs. Ricoh service experts can remotely access a device’s Smart Operation Panel for fast troubleshooting and perform automatic firmware updates.

Hopwood adds: “The way in which businesses work is constantly and rapidly evolving. Similarly, the workplace as we know it has transformed. The key is adapting to these changes, implementing solutions and strategies that boost productivity, enable agility and empower people. Our new intelligent devices range does exactly this, and more. This is technology that is designed to move with the times and develop with customers able to install any applications they like at any time. This new Dynamic Workplace Intelligence approach demonstrates how we work with our customers to meet their every digital workplace need.”   

To learn more about Ricoh’s new Intelligent Devices, Always Current Technology and Ricoh’s Dynamic Workplace Intelligence offering visit

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