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The Rick O’Shea show on RTÉ 2fm got #FiveWordsToRuinADate trending on Twitter, and it exploded into a viral worldwide sensation with everyone jumping on board. Some big brands seemed to be unable to contain themselves and very quickly everyone from the shores of Ireland to corporate America and then all parts of the globe started joining in the fun.

The hashtag took the Twitterverse by storm and it was soon topping the trending list in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Us mere mortals have been playing the hashtag game by tweeting little quips for a while now, but clearly when the big brands jump on board hashtags can go places we never expected them to.

Some of the entries are well worth a mention too.

Going viral can be a simple as nailing a hashtag, clearly this one hit all the notes with all kinds of brands joining in on the fun. There are all kinds of articles telling you how to create viral hashtags and get campaigns trending worldwide however the truth in my opinion is that you need to be in the right place, at the right time and have a dose of luck to make it happen.

So keep practising your hashtag game, you never know what the next viral hashtag could turn out to be, maybe it will be one of yours!

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