3D4Medical has announced that it has exclusively partnered with Sky to bring its award-winning Complete Anatomy platform to Sky viewers around the world. Complete Anatomy is 3D4Medical’s revolutionary cloud-based platform that allows the user to investigate the minute detail of the human anatomy in incredible 3D.

The power of the Complete Anatomy platform will allow Sky to create and broadcast custom content specifically relevant to topical sports injuries or conditions in real-time as the news is breaking. Users can explore the anatomy by rotating individual structures, zooming to the finest detail and revealing all parts of the anatomy layer by layer. Vast libraries of anatomical information, 3D lectures from world-renowned experts and animations on a range of topics, bring the magnificence of the anatomy to life.

3D4Medical, led by CEO and Founder, John Moore, has enjoyed a rapid rise and continued success in recent years, advancing its mission to transform medical learning around the world. Shane Maguire, CFO of 3D4Medical, said:

“We’re delighted to announce this partnership with Sky and look forward to seeing the incredible impact that Complete Anatomy will have on the reporting of sports injuries in the future. Sky shares our passion and vision for providing top quality information to viewers and users. Injuries are a key part of modern sport and frequently misunderstood. We look forward to building this relationship for the benefit of Sky viewers and sports lovers around the world.”

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