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Scriba @GetScriba, a groundbreaking new stylus for Apple mobile devices that has been designed and developed in Ireland, is set to make its global mark when it is launched on the world’s largest creative funding platform Kickstarter next month (14th July).

The developers, headed by designer David Craig and his team at Dublin Design Studio (based in the Docklands Innovation Park) aim to secure €65,000 in Kickstarter funding by generating pre-sales for the Scriba digital pens. The first 200 Scriba will be priced at €65.00.



What makes Scriba unique is the revolutionary and highly responsive squeeze motion which, the developers say, “completely changes the way we interact with our mobile devices.”

“Scriba responds to the way it is held; the flexible body and dynamic squeeze motion respond to your every touch empowering you with the freedom to express your creative self” says Craig.

Scriba can be programmed to provide instant access to a whole range of software functions without changing settings or fumbling with options. The developers are confident that professional designers and casual users alike will be impressed by the unparalleled levels of creative control and flexibility that Scriba offers.

“Unlike any other stylus on the market, Scriba has been specifically and lovingly designed to sit perfectly in your hand” Craig says. “In designing Scriba, we went back to the drawing board. We studied hand movements, examining the essence of how people hold, recapturing that physical connection we form with our creative work.”

Scriba’s beautiful and unique design offers more control and comfort than any stylus on the market. With a standby charge of over six months and hundreds of hours of use time, it is also one of the most reliable.


The new Dublin-designed stylus has been supported by Enterprise Ireland through the DIT Hothouse New Frontiers Programme. Over the last 6 months a team of 12 has come together, to consult with hundreds of designers from all over the world, develop custom electronics and rigorously test fully functional prototypes in order to craft and refine Scriba’s groundbreaking design.

But the real beauty of Scriba is that it is so simple to use. “Just give it a squeeze” says Craig, “That’s all the training you need”.

David’s background is in architecture; the practice that he co-founded was responsible for the competition-winning design of the U2 Tower in 2003 and they have since won a number of awards for their designs.

For more information (and/or to arrange a demonstration) please contact:

David Craig / Pearse O’Reilly

Tel: +353 1 902 3944

E. [email protected] Twitter @GetScriba


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