There are lots of radio apps out there and many are produced by individual radio stations themselves. But for me, many seem to lack something or other, not least of which is the ability to browse any radio station I want from around the world. One radio app I use myself and recommend to others is TuneIn.

Tune in allows you to search for pretty much any radio station you want. This can be accomplished by choosing a location,  typing in the stations name, through location services so you can find local stations around you, TuneIn recommended stations or choosing from a category. You can set yourself up with a TuneIn account so you can connect on any device and have quick access to your favourite presets. Unlike many other apps I’ve tried, TuneIn has always managed to find and connect to stations I want to listen too. TuneIn can also update you with details on the show and song currently playing if the station is broadcasting that information.

The app is available on pretty much all platforms for free and there’s a pro version available for purchase for Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices which allows you to pause, rewind and record stations. But the free app should suit most people down to the ground. Do you listen to the radio on your smartphone? If so let us know what your favourite app is in our comments section below.












TuneIn can be downloaded from here:




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