Here is what the CEO of ZipCoin, Kim Chivhima has to say;

When people in developed countries complain about the amount of aid sent to developing countries, the retort is a return volley of cold, hard facts. This is so mind-boggling and almost beyond comprehension.

Remittances have never only been about sending money to supplement the income of relatives. Ever since people have remitted, they have used the funds to help friends’/family’s wellbeing and health move to another level. For example, people have bought stretchers, and medical supplies,  and medicine to enable the entire community to promote good health, maintain life for survival, financial literacy, small-scale business investment and general access to finance.

Sierra Leonean health workers based in the UK formed an organisation that organises annual visits – at their own expense – back home; bringing back skills, knowledge and equipment for the schools and hospitals where they trained or had their initial deployments.

Therefore remittance is not a luxury but a necessity and a humanitarian need. If you believe in our vision and mission statements; please support our project by doing the following;
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