Hailo is aiming to make life easier for Dublin Bus users who will be hit by this week’s two-day strike by offereing  50% off-peak discounts.

Hailo advises customers to avoid delays and travel at off-peak times during the upcoming 48 hour Dublin Bus strike on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th September. The 50% off-peak discounts will apply between 6am and 7am and between 10am and 11am. Open the app on Thursday morning from 6- 7am or 10-11am and the code will be displayed. The codes will also be shared on Hailo’s Twitter & Facebook profiles.

Hailo wants the city to get started earlier during the strikes to avoid gridlock and manage demand which was up by more than 40 per cent for the two days of last week’s strike, week on week, hence the discounts applying at off-peak times between 6 and 7 and 10 and 11. A record number of passengers registered for Hailo last week and took their first trip, the largest uptake in the history of Hailo in Ireland.

Hailo app users are being encouraged to enter their destination when they hail a taxi, as this will make it more likely that their order will be accepted and they can also use “Pay with Hailo” to speed up transaciotns.

Tim Arnold General Manager, Hailo in Ireland said:

“The recent strike days have been very busy for Hailo resulting in a record number of new passenger registrations last week. We’re anticipating a huge surge in demand during the upcoming strikes, so are encouraging Hailo users to choose off-peak travel where possible. We’re committed as always to getting our customers to their destinations.”

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