FleishmanHillard, a global communications firm has announced the expansion of their crisis communications practice with the deployment of FH 2020. This is a tool which clients can use to help them stay on top of the conversation and keep in control when a crisis starts to break via social media.

We know how quickly news spreads now on social media, especially on platforms like Twitter where breaking news can be out faster than news which breaks on your TV. Things can pick up momentum and can go viral pretty fast these days.

FH 2020 comprises a network of trained analysts based in different key markets around the world. They work together to provide real time, global and multi-lingual data in a real-time content creation and distribution system.

FH 2020 can be set up within minutes when a crisis occurs and can give clients critical insights into real time data and information. FH 2020 has a presence in 12 time zones over 20 different languages and also has more than 150 certified crisis counsellors which allows them to address both local and global crisis situations on an on-going basis.

FH 2020 uses in class tools for monitoring trends and conversation on social media, they also run crisis simulations and establish command centers while working within the clients existing infrastructure.

FH 2020 will sift through the social clutter to help deploy the most effective response when a crisis breaks on social media. To find out more you can look at their video below.

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