Hey everyone.

We’d like you to rate your mobile network.

With so many real and virtual networks available at the moment choosing the right one can be a problem. Some of the networks that had 5 star rattings in the past have let things slip. Others that have had bad reputations in the past have worked hard to turn things around.

We want to hear from you, the customers of these networks, to help everyone know where the best deals, customer care and coverage are right now.

Tell us what you really think keeping some of these questions in mind…

What Network are you with?

What price plan? Is it value for money?

What general area you are in and what’s the coverage like?

What’s their customer care like and have you experienced any issues?

Would you recommend them?

If you thought about moving networks, have they tried to retain you?

Finally give them an overall rating out of 10 based on your experiences with them.



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