Rachael McCrary has joined the advisory board of Group Project, a blockchain based solution to counterfeiting. Ms McCrary is the founder and CEO of Jeweled Toned a fashion company that specialises in the manufacture of shapewear products.

Ms McCrary has spent 16 years working in the fashion industry both as the CEO of Jeweled Toned and with some of the most reknowned fashion houses and brands in the world. She has been a lingerie expert for over two decades and has expanded into other shapewear products in that time. She has joined the advisory board of Group Project in an effort to stop the production of counterfeit goods particularly the kind of products her company already makes.

From 2013 onwards the fashion and electronics industry lost a combined $180 billion thanks to counterfeit goods. These losses make the fashion industry highly competitive and especially difficult for smaller brands and businesses. Group Project intends to change that with its GRUP token, the Crypto-Tag in combination with a mobile app and blockchain-based technology.

The token will help producers, manufacturers, suppliers and customers identify and authenticate products which will effectively put a stranglehold on the counterfeiting industry. Speaking on Group Project’s role in eliminating counterfeit goods from the global market Rachael McCrary said: “I think it’s great that consumers will now have the power to validate their branded products on their own.”

Ms McCrary’s deep and extensive knowledge of the fashion industry will help Group Project better target this area on counterfeited goods. To find out more about Group Project visit their website.

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