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Nick Ryan @nickryanfilm,  Irish director, winner of multiple awards for The Summit, appeared at the Web Summit to launch his innovative crowd funding initiative for his next movie ‘6 days of the rising’.


6 Days of the Rising is the latest project from acclaimed director Nick Ryan and Image Now Films. The campaign funding is to develop the proof of concept CGI tests for the creation of an immersive and fully realised Dublin city of 1916 both before and after it’s destruction during the Rising, the funding will enable them to complete the script development.


Ryan and his team were at the Web Summit, looking to bring in trade for it. Hopefully it’s a story that can be created and told in time for the 100th anniversary in 2016 of the Easter Uprising.


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Ryan also directed last years very successful movie The Summit.

and The German



Fingers crossed the crowd funding succeeds and they go on to produce the film as well. We’ll be watching, and even since writing the article more money has already been pledged to the indiegogo crowdfunding initiative.



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