Qurrex, the first hybrid crypto exchange integrating industrial infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with decentralized network, has a new robust platform where customers will be able to trade efficiently in cryptocurrencies.

Qurrex has set up the equipment of the matching engine with the optimum matching configuration which will significantly increase the speed of transactions. Now its capacity is over 2 million transactions per second. In February Qurrex the peak capacity could reach 4,5 million transactions per second with acceptable latency.

“We have put our efforts and professional expertise to create the cutting-edge crypto trade ecosystem and high-performance platform which would be resilient to failure and would offer ultra-fast and secure trading to satisfy the demand of institutional investors” Qurrex CEO Matthijs Johan Lek.

Effective from February 07, 2018, a web page qurrex.statuspage.io  with  matching operation statistics has been launched.

Qurrex aims to meet the challenges of the dramatic appreciation of cryptocurrencies resulting in increasing demand from brokers and institutional investors.  The platform will provide secure, high performance trading to utilize knowledge from the traditional and blockchain exchange platforms. The public will be able to familiarize itself with the trading terminal and test it in March 2018.

Qurrex’s new generation platform integrates the industrial centralized infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges (CEX) like NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE with a decentralized blockchain-based exchange (DEX).  The platform will increase market liquidity.  Its reliability, security and speed are game changers for the crypto industry and professional traders alike.

This new generation exchange uses the best features of traditional exchanges and the advantages of a decentralized system, including the centralized infrastructure of a traditional stock exchange such as NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE as a node within a decentralized blockchain protocol.

The Qurrex team believes that its project will become a major gateway for professional institutional stock exchange participants to join the crypto economy.

About Qurrex

A team of seasoned professionals with expertise in investment banking, stock exchange infrastructure development, and business development under the leadership of its Netherlands -based CEO Matthijs Johan Lek has launched the first of its kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform.  Qurrex, initiated in November 2016, has integrated industrial-grade infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with a decentralized blockchain network.   The team includes knowledgeable traders and consultants with significant roles in the cryptocurrency community as well as accomplished architects and experts of traditional stock exchanges from various countries.

Qurrex is attracting funds to support the development of the first of its kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, which will encompass the best features of traditional exchanges and offer blockchain technologies for brokers and investors.  Qurrex plans to launch its ICO in winter 2018 and aims to attract 50 million USD ($50,000,000).  ERC20 Tokens will be available for sale in Bitcoin and Ether, or in USD and Euro.  The initial price of one token is 1 US dollar ($1.00 USD). 

For more information, please, visit www.qurrex.com

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