Comtrade Digital Services, the leading software engineering services and solutions provider, will host a two-day conference on 4th and 5th October in Dublin’s Marker Hotel to examine the issues and opportunities surrounding software testing in a world in which digital platforms reign.

The event comes to Dublin for the first time and will bring together more than 150 software testing professionals from Ireland and abroad. Combining talks, panel discussions and workshops, this year’s conference will give attendees the opportunity to learn about the new challenges digital transformation and the platform economy bring to quality assurance and how to overcome them.

As businesses continuously challenge themselves to compete in the digital age, they must consistently roll out new, cutting-edge platforms that appeal to the end-user. The conference will offer key insights into how IT teams can thrive in this new era and ensure they are always putting user experience first.

Speakers at the conference will include leading CIOs, quality assurance professionals and software testers from some of Ireland and Europe’s most innovative companies. Comtrade Digital Services invites those who are interested in speaking at the event to get in touch via the Quest for Quality website.

The event will also offer unique networking opportunities with industry thought leaders. For more information and to pre-register for the event, please visit

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